Currently in the Lab

An H6 Systems Modulator is under construction. This is part of a portable magnetron transmitter we are building for a University that is involved in both medical and defense research.

The current effort is to provide the shortest high-power pulses possible from a standard tube.

By contract, we are not allowed to give too many details, but the photos give an idea of what we are doing. It shows a voltage pulse across one tube and the current drawn as it produces a megawatt in just 90nS at 3-5GHz. We are working on even higher power and shorter pulses.

Recently Completed

H6 Systems has built a 100kW amplifier to operate from 1250 - 1350 MHz. We have used triode-based cavities to keep the system compact and low-cost

This is a single stage of the amplifier. The photo shows the input and output cavities as well as the high voltage shroud. Each stage will have 10 dB of gain.

Three initial stage amplifiers are daisy-chained together to provide 30dB of gain. 5 Watts of power will get you 5 kilowatts of output.

High-voltage components are designed into a stand-alone assembly.

Sensitive electronics are housed in an EMI-shielded control cabinet. A touch screen is provided for local control. Ethernet is provided for remote control.