H6 Systems Military Transmitters Generate Fields for MIL-STD-464D

H6 Systems is a manufacturer of tube-based, high-power RF transmitters used in susceptibility testing of military aircraft and ordnance. Our transmitters are used to simulate real-world warfare emitters, generating electromagnetic energy in various frequencies and intensities to simulate environments encountered in the field.

By exposing the equipment to RF energy, engineers can accurately assess the aircraft’s vulnerability to electromagnetic interference and take steps to mitigate risks. This level of testing ensures that military equipment will operate reliably in times of need.

In business since 1980, we build high-power military transmitters and pulsed-power RF amplifiers based on magnetrons, klystrons, tetrodes, and triodes, with frequencies ranging from 150 MHz to 40 GHz and powers well into the megawatt range. We integrate tubes, cavities, modulators, PLCs, fault systems, cooling equipment, antennas, positioners, and enclosures to produce high-power military transmitters. We match tubes from our Tube Finder with our own modulators to create high-power transmitters that meet your requirements. We can also provide peripheral RF components to complete your turnkey system. With over four decades of experience in the field, H6 has the knowledge to meet your transmitter needs.

DescriptionFrequency (MHz)Power (Peak KW)Tube Type
A/B band Cavity amplifier200 – 5703252 Tetrodes
A/B/C band Cavity Amplifier200 – 9603003 Tetrodes
Antenna Positioning System
Bipolar Pulse GeneratorSolid state
CW Test Source400 – 5120.5Solid state
CREMES1525 – 57501000Magnetrons
D band Cavity Amplifier1200 – 1300655 Triodes
EHPAS1250 – 59002500 – 75004 Klystrons
Klystron Tube Test Station7900 – 8400Klystron
Narrow Pulse Magnetron System1200 – 2400035008 Magnetrons
Pulsed UHF Source850 – 940300Kystron
Radar Environment Emulator System750 – 35000200017 Magnetrons
RPMT2480 – 5910750 – 45008 Magnetrons
Narrow Band HPM SystemRestricted Info
Portable Magnetron Modulator AssyRestricted Info
TWT1Restricted Info