Tube Finder

Our tube finder will help you find a vacuum tube that fits your transmitter needs. H6 Systems builds transmitters based on these vacuum tubes. The spreadsheet covers multiple manufacturers and multiple tube types. The nested sort feature allows sorting by power, frequency, duty, or any of the headings shown below.

Our field strength calculator helps determine the tube power that you need. Once we find the right tube, we can design a transmitter around it.

Column Order
ID ID Tube Type Band Low Freq High Freq Peak Power Duty Pulse Width max Peak Voltage Peak Current Heater Volts Heater Amps Availability Manufacturer Manufacturer
GHz GHz KW % µS Volts amps

The tube finder spreadsheet covers the following tube types: magnetrons, klystrons, TWTs and tetrodes. It covers powers from kilowatts to megawatts, duties from .001 to CW (continuous wave) and manufacturers including CPI, L3 Eimac, Japan Radio and E2V. Columns in the spreadsheet include power, frequency, pulse voltage, pulse current, filament voltage, filament current, cooling requirements, tube type, manufacturer, pulse width and duty.