High Voltage Probes

The H6 High Voltage Probe is what we use to calibrate our own modulators. It can measure up to 60kV pulsed and 50kV DC. Output is 1V/10,000V. The probe has one circuit for pulse measurements and another circuit for DC measurements with our own design to linearize the crossover. We calibrate for both scenarios. Test tools are calibrated by certified labs to ensure the final unit is based on NIST standards.

High voltage probe

  • 60KV pulsed
  • 50kv DC
  • 1V/10kV output into 1 meg load


DC calibration tool
AC calibration tool


Max DC Voltagekv50
Max Pulsed Voltagekv
Max FrequencyMHz30
Minimum Rise Timens
Accuracy (DC – #Hz)%
Input ImpedanceΩHigh Impedance
Standard Divider Ratio10,000: 1
Cable ImpedanceΩ
Cable LengthInch (cm)
DiameterInch (cm)
Base DiameterInch (cm)
LengthInch (cm)