The H6M1 drives magnetrons with high voltage pulses on external command or from an internal, programmable command pulse. It supports filament control and can be run from a remote location. Variations on voltage and control are available on request.

Pulse Output Voltage25kV
Input Power115Vac, 3.8 amps
HV (supplied separately)25kVdc
External command pulse or Internal programmable command pulse
Ethernet pulse control
Programmable pulse width, prf, and duty limits
Peak V scope sample
Peak current scope sample
D-sub connector I/O includes:
  • Live indicator output
  • Filament V & I control
  • Filament V & I feadback
  • Reset Input
  • Enable Input
  • Pulse width fault
  • PRF fault
  • Arc fault
  • Arc fault threshold
  • RFLRF fault
  • RFLRF threshold
Weight77 lbs